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Fjällräven (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈfjɛ̂lːˌrɛːvɛn], Swedish for "The Arctic fox") is a Swedish company specialising in outdoor equipment—mostly upscale clothing and backpacks. It was founded in 1960 by Åke Nordin (1936–2013). The company went public in 1983 with an over-the-counter listing in Stockholm.Since 2014, Fjällräven has been a subsidiary of Fenix Outdoor International AG which is listed o


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Retail Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Left a sold and excellent company for an opportunity to grow with new and exciting brand. Management had extremely unreasonable expectations and provided little to no guidance as to set expectations or how to meet them."

Key holder, Tailor, Visual Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Worst management I have ever worked for! and HR is less then useless! great product just really awful people working higher up. I recommend the products, because there very well made and the Swedish devision of the company is great!noneManagement"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Lack of structure Lack of commitment to people Not enough pay to support yourself working there, but not enough commitment to employees to hire more then or offer higher rates"

Marketing/Sales (Former Employee) says

"The culture here is absolutely terrible. Between gender bias, explosive outbursts and a men's club mentality, it's hard to feel good working for this company. You won't succeed unless you play the political games present. Truth and integrity don't exist.discounts on gear; great brandtoo many to list"

Orderpicker (Former Employee) says

"jammer dat de vaste banen door niet Nederlanders wordt vervult ,terwijl ik ook heel goed in staat ben om dat werk te doen!dichtbij huiser is geen vast werk daar voor 55 plus"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The job is trash and the manager is a Micromanaging control freak and makes a joke unbearable to work out. The job is Extremely demanding for a little pay and the management super super trash."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared to be verbally abused by customers, and management will not have your back. Severe disconnect between employment and management, and lack of communication."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The management is really racist and unprofessional. Staff is also horrible. I should have reported my boss to HR but I didn’t realize my rights until after I left. It’s not a cool place. I love the products just not the work environment. The health and dental is also not fully covered; it’s actually really expensive. They do not pay enough for a store supervisor position also.Good employee discountExpensive benefits, poor pay, poor management/staff"

Chauffeur Heftruck (Former Employee) says

"Heb niet zo veel te zeggen van hier de mensen zijn leuke mensen maar er zijn andere die profiteren van andere."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a store associate and then a supervisor. The job is fairly easy, although you definitely get some argumentative customers. The clothes are pretty cool for the most part, but the job doesn't pay enough for workers to afford them. Our store manager was great but the upper management / US corporate division is pretty much a joke (not very responsive, not good at tailoring plans to different locations, bad inventory allocation, etc.) They also laid off all of their part-time workers in a 5-minute Zoom call during the pandemic, which strikes me as unprofessional. employee discount (50%) and uniform allowanceNo real benefits, management is incompetent"

ASSISTANT STORE MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"the culture of the store was relaxed, but not much support from the head quarters. The pay did not reflect the amount of work that was required. can be enjoyable but very stress-full.hour lunch, relaxed atmospherestressful"

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"In store management was great. The company is very focused on growing their US side of the company which affects the Canadian side. Even though the brand is thriving here the support isn't here.Great store manager, good discounts, amazing customersPoor communication with Head Office, women's side of business is lacking"

Tia Nicholson says

"DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS rip off...took my money for a rucksack and sent me dodgy Ray ban sunglasses. They don't even respond to emails....what a joke."

Antoine Clémot says

"I tried to order Christmas gifts. The payment failed 2 times, worked the 3rd times. Then no news for a week. Finally the order is not accpeted, i cannot get my items, i will get refund..... but Christmas is dead. Thx guys."

Matt says

"DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY! They take your money and either send you rubbish from China or wrong items.

After multiple emails all they send is an automated response from PayPal, even though i didn't pay via PayPal. Barclay card, thank you very much for your help in getting my money back!

My 5 stars to Barclays"

Claire Searancke says

"Utter, utter rubbish. They make ski suits that are not waterproof. When you read the small print they say "water resistant", from which one would expect some level waterproofing. But it's frankly dangerous to sell mountain clothing which is so utterly unfit for purpose. There was nothing water resistant about it, the ski suit leaked like a seive and in 3 degrees in the rain on a mountainside I'm lucky I was close to a shelter and warmth. Utterly unbothered by my complaint, refused to refund me or exchange it for a more suitable garment. £600 and it had/has literally been worn for 1 hour only and I was forced to buy a new ski suit. (Thankyou decathlon - you get my 5*)"

Richard B says

"Two items. Two complete failures. I'm not sure what they're making this stuff out of, but I would expect a pair of £100 shorts to last more than 6 months. When I complained they offered to send me a sewing kit!!! Hopeless company, hopeless products."

Liam says

"I have spent a lot of money over the years at Fjallraven and one of my latest being the KEB trousers, i used these hiking trousers 6 times and the rear end ripped on something unknown. These pants aren't as tough as they make out they are and are very expensive $360. I contacted them for Warranty and they refused as something must of caught on the pants and ripped them, this is true but these pants rip so easy its disgraceful to charge that amount and they can't take the slightest beating. They didn't offer to repair or ask if i wanted them repaired at my own cost. They have lost far more than a pair of Keb trousers now, i would of spent a lot more over the future years, jokes on them. Good Work Fjallraven AU."

Sarah Musgrave says

"The bags are fine. Quality is there. Service is NOT.
If you need to buy a bag for a gift and have a deadline, buy from another distributor, or better another manufacturer. Fjallraven and their staff don't give a darn whether you get your item in time. Or even a week+ after they originally promised it. No acknowledgement of any responsibility, or even a genuine apology. Surprising and disappointing for a Scandinavian brand."

KC Murphy says

"The product was not as describe on the web site. They described knee pad pockets that do not exist. After 5 days of call and emails, nothing acknowledged, I filed a fraud charge with my credit card company. I will let them deal with it. Really, REALLY bad customer service."

KK says

"I purchased 3 pair of various pants (over $300) and felt they all fit a bit off. I returned them - they claimed not to have received the return, and so now I'm out $300. Not much I can do at this point to prove I returned them.

If you shop here - don't expect to get a return if it doesn't work out and don't send the clothes back - as you'll be out those as well..."

Kate Fayle says

"I returned a pair of keb trousers 2 days after receiving them. It has been 20 days since the trousers have been delivered back to Fjallraven. I have not been reimbursed for the return and their customer service has not responded via phone or email."

Joanne says

"I ordered the bag to take with me on holiday. First Fjallravan didn't process the order then their delivery company didn't deliver the item in time. I therefore requested that it was returned rather than delivered. They took days to respond to the request and then didn't process it properly so the item is still waiting to be picked up. They have sent me a returns label but I'd need a printer. I dread to think how long it will take to get a refund"

Myles Notaro and Sergiy Larin says

"Ordered an Expedition jacket. Was too large, and the zipper was broken. In addition, the stitching was of inferior quality. Now, they said I have to wait an additional 14 days after they received the return before my refund will be processed. Poor quality and craftsmanship overall. Would never do business with them again"

John says

"I purchased some trousers which did not fit and which I need to replace. The only way to return is to get a returns label from customer services. They sent an automated response full of platitudes but despite 2 reminders I have heard nothing and my return deadline will expire soon. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY"

Petri Jansson says

"I bought PONCHO from a retailer. Fjällraven website said it weights 390g. The real weight was 460g which I noticed when I got home and weighted it.
The weight is pretty important to me, due to the intended use of the product.
I sended a reclamation to Fjällräven. They told me that I was right and they will correct the weight informed on their website. I asked a refund, but they refuse to refund this product. instead they told me to go back to the store I have bought it. But the store won't take it back because it's now slightly used. So Fjällräven fooled me to buy their product that is not what they told me it would be and they refuse to refund. Last time I buy any Fjallräven products."

Madison Rubie says

"Worst customer service experience/company ever. Want to throw away your hard earned money for some cheap material ? Go for it . They won’t respond to any of your messages and may not even ship out your order. I litterally threw away 120 dollars and never got a single item from them . Do not I repeat do not order from this company! They are a rip of, the trend will probably die soon anyway ."

Anonymous says

"Horrible company. When I complained about a design fault with a product I purchased, they told me there was nothing they could do and happily kept my £100+. Customer service didn't care at all. Quality of product was hardly adequate - I would suggest people avoid this company unless buying from another vender that will accept refunds and give good customer service should you require it."

Jess Mä says

"There was some strange dye transfer issue that happened from my bag onto my expensive electric toothbrush. There was no warning on the tag (this is the Raven 20 in Dusk). I wrote the company twice, 2-3 weeks ago, and have had zero response to either email. Very disappointing."

Abby Johnson says

"I ordered a back pack for my daughter for back to school and they sent me the a smaller size then what we had ordered.
When I contacted them to return it they were impossible to deal with. The communications were through email and they take days to answer and they skirt your questions. They finally acknowledged the size we ordered was out of stock so they sent the smaller bag at larger bag price. They absolutely refused to give a full refund. I ended stuck with a bag I did not order and 20% of the cost returned to me. THEY ARE THIEVES!!!!!"

Cindy Fort says

"Very bad service after buying a high price product. Unhappy with that."

gary thynne says

"I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing my Arktis Parka which on the face of it was a really good parka but and great for keeping the cold out however this one developed a fault, which can happen but not 6 weeks after receiving it !!!! .... however being a good customer I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and ask them if holes appearing on the sleeves was a known fault or a one off - twice I asked, twice I was told they were checking with the development to find out if it was a known issue.

Meanwhile and still giving the brand the benefit of the doubt I continued looking for another coat and putting it down to bad luck ... today 29th Jan 2019 their uk facilitator who were looking for one for me announced they were no longer manufacturing this parka...

Why couldn’t they tell me this ... .?

To all out there thinking of buying from Fjällräven look at the reviews here and make your own mind up"

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